Cloud Web Hosting Control Panel

iiWebi is an OpenSource Cloud Web Hosting control panel build on node.js for use with ISPConfig. The dashboard is user friendly, packed with features and works on all devices.

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Feature Packed Hosting Control Panel

iiWebi is designed to be super fast and easy to use on all devices - manage your web hosting anywhere.

Fully Responsive

Clean, Fast, Simple & Works on all devices

Hosting Management

Manage all aspects of web hosting including web, email and databases.

Customer Management

Easy customer account management & administration.

Billing Integration

Integrated recurring billing and plan management.

Introducing iiWebi

Watch the video on how to create a database using iiWebi.

Modern, User Friendly & Powerful Interface

iiWebi provides users with a simple, modern, intuitive, powerful and easy to use interface for managing all aspects of web hosting.

With automated customer sign-up, customer account management, customer administration and advanced server logging, iiWebi is a powerful and low maintenance web hosting management solution for web hosting service providers.

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Advanced Features

iiWebi introduces a number of advanced features from an end user and administration perspective.

Auto Provisioning

Customer account signup is completed automatically allowing customers to select a plan and create an account instantly.

Account Management

Customers can easily upgrade or downgrade their plan at any time through the account management area.

Social Accounts

Customers can register using their own email address and password or signup using social accounts including Facebook, Twitter or Google.


Notifications provide customers with updates and alerts in regards to their account and service provisioning.


Customers can view all activity on their account through the unique timeline feature.

Customer Admin

Service providers can manage all aspects of a customer's account through a powerful customer administration console.


All aspects of actions taken by all users are logged in the respective logs allowing for ease of troubleshooting.


Integrated SMS two-factor authentication is available to reduce fraud on sign-up and to ensure authenticated password resets.

Getting Started with iiWebi

Getting iiWebi setup is quite simple, but you will need to get a few things sorted first.

Get The Package

Download the iiWebi package from GitHub.


Configure Node.JS, ISPConfig & MongoDB.

Install & Run

Quick install of iiWebi using node & NPM.


Start hosting using the iiWebi dashboard.

Dashboard Screenshots

iiWebi is fully responsive and works across multiple browsers and mobile devices.

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Get Involved

iiWebi FAQs

Some common questions that we receive about the iiWebi Web Hosting Control Panel.

You will require the latest version of ISPConfig installed, a Mongo database for data management and node.js.

Support is available through the iiWebi community.

iiWebi is open source so you can contribute at any time if you know JavaScript and are familiar with the MEAN stack. You can also request enhancements in the forum which will be added in order of priority. You can also contact us if you have a specific requirement.

It would be great if you could get involved in the iiWebi project to make it even better. You can contribute by developing enhancements, supporting the community or assisting with documentation.

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Our Journey

Our journey has been fun and challenging, but its only just beginning.

Open Source Ready

August 2017

After many hours of preparation the iiWebi web hosting dashboard was made available on GitHub as an open source project.

Prepare to go Open Source

July 2017

Providing an open source solution is not as simple as releasing the repository. New website, documentation, code cleanup and other general preparation was completed to go open source.

Enhance & Improve

September 2016

Addition of many new features including the account timeline, server health monitoring, server side logging and bug fixes.


June 2016

The final version of the dashboard was completed with an end-user web hosting solution being made available to customers in Australia & New Zealand.

In Beta

May 2016

The first beta become available internally. Countless hours of testing and many late nights.

Started Development

October 2015

Started development with the intention of developing a cross-device and easy to use cloud web hosting platform on Node.js.

Download iiWebi

Download the iiWebi package from GitHub.